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Rest assured we are following all current State and CDC health and safety guidelines for massage therapy. Your health and safety always come first with our standard, extensive cleaning protocols (all linens changed after every client, all headrests and pillows, floors are sanitized and disinfected, all fire-cupping cups sanitized and disinfected between clients).  During this time, we have added extra sanitizing and disinfecting measures, to include: All door knobs, tables, chairs, front door bench, toilet knob, sink handle, soap dispenser and light switches, and all other client points of contact after every client.   


**If you have recently traveled by air, foreign or domestic, please call our office before making an appointment** 

When coming for treatment, we ask you to:

1. Please not come if you are currently sick/symptomatic or suspect you might be. 

2. Please not come if you were in contact with anyone who is sick or possibly exposed. 

3. Clients need to be aware of and okay with the fact that we are all potential carriers of viruses. 

4. Please shower prior to coming in and wear clean clothes. 

5. Please do not wear perfume or cologne. 

6. Please wear a mask at all times. 

7. Please wash hands upon entry to the house.

Any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to call or email.


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