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I have been seeing Adi since 1997 when I first became a serious recreational road cyclist. Adi has helped me heal through a number of serious cycling injuries, as well as keeping my body aligned after it has gotten crooked from too much sitting at my desk and general stress as a trial lawyer. Adi has gotten me back functioning after shoulder surgery as well. He is a very gifted healer. I have recommended him to several friends over the years, including some who were to undergo surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome and, with Adi's work (and Pilates), were able to avoid the surgery altogether for a complete recovery. Now that there is fantastic massage offered as well, it is heaven! If you want more info, please feel free to contact me through Adi.

- Joanne



When I was 23, I was in a major car accident, breaking my hip in 5 places. After 3 months in traction, I was released from the hospital with all kinds of pain created by the injury and inactivity. I was told that by the time I was 40, I would need a hip replacement, and the way hip replacements worked back then, that meant I’d eventually be unable to have any more revisions and I’d be left in constant pain.  Luckily, when I was 39, I found Adi Herman. Through his unique style of massage therapy, he managed to undo 16 years of pinched nerves and tight muscles and restore me to a normal state of health.  Within 5 visits, I was able to ride a mule down the Grand Canyon when only a month earlier I’d been hobbling around with a cane. Without his care, I could not have walked well enough to have a 2-story home, work at a job I love that requires walking and lifting, or travel extensively as I have over the last 18 years. His patience and encouragement helped me help myself to better health. I must add that Adi has very high ethical standards. After years of treating me to maintain my gait, my pain returned. Adi told me to bring in an x-ray, which I had and through his thorough knowledge of how my body worked, he felt that he could no longer ease my pain. Not only did he say that I should finally have hip replacement at age 50, but made a recommendation to one of the world’s expert surgeons in the field. With all of the advances is prostheses over the years, this will probably be my only surgery. Thanks to Adi, who I still see for occasional “tune-ups,” I am able to live an active and fulfilling life.


Jackie Ben-Efraim, Special Collections Librarian, American Jewish University



At 61, I was diagnosed with arthritis in my right hip and was told that I could expect to undergo hip-replacement surgery in the near future.  As an ex-dancer (now a writer), I have always been connected to my body and confident in its recuperative abilities, so I started with Adi, who studied my x-rays and showed me what was happening to my hip and pelvis. Then, he explained what course of treatment we would be pursuing. And now, for over a year, we've done just that.  Between my work with Adi and my training with a Pilates coach, the progress has been steady and exhilarating. Adi and my Pilates teacher are in constant communication – either through me or in their own conversations. Once again, I'm living pain-free.  I've said it to friends and I will say it again: in a lifetime of experiencing treatments from chiropractors, acupuncturists, osteopaths, massage therapists, etc., I have never met a bodyworker as knowledgeable or competent as Adi Herman.

- Dean



Adi is a genius, pure and simple. He has been treating me regularly for over 20 years, and knows my body better than even I do. He could tell when I stopped eating French fries, but started eating onion rings. He could tell when I gave up red wine, but started drinking white. And when, at one point, I stopped following his advice, he actually fired me as a client.....screw him, I thought! Until I saw just about everybody on the west side, and realized the man is a magician. He totally healed my left shoulder. He also cut week long flus and bronchitis down to mere days. He diagnosed ailments that western doctors totally missed. Adi has kept this 62-year-old shell of a body running like a 40-year-old, and dating 30-year-olds. He is my shaman, my guru, my first second and third call anytime anything goes amiss. 

- David

I am 48 and offer Pilates instruction in San Diego in my home studio. I also travel the world teaching the Romana's Pilates Certification Program. My skills in teaching and the stamina necessary for that task are in large part due to the work I do with Adi Herman. I met Adi in 2000 and have been healed and enlightened about my body and muscle functions. This has helped me to continue my work in Pilates and to enjoy a healthy and happy private life too! My wish is that you too will have the opportunity to experience Adi, "a force of nature," and to free yourselves from any physical or mental restraints that may be silently holding you back, so that you are free to turn your dreams into reality! Hope is here!

- Moses



"I am a 45-year-old female working as a professional aerialist and aerial teacher. My body was in pain as a result of an overall wear and tear on my body and also from an old recurring neck injury. Adi's astute diagnosis and complete care released the pain after one session. Adi is commonly known as "the body whisperer" among the aerialist community. I highly recommend his bodywork and expertise to all of my students and fellow professionals. Unlike most in his field, he is able to pinpoint a problem and provide solutions within 1-2 visits. Adi will explain the mechanics of one's particular problem and offer one injury prevention. ADI IS THE BEST!"

- Elizabeth



In addition to years of having a weak core, I suffered pain from a pinched nerve in my lower back after a car accident. I finally came to see Adi for a massage and cupping session. Although I am not a fan of cupping, it really worked. I have been to doctors, chiropractors, and massage therapists and nothing has come close to the result that Adi achieves in one visit. He listens to what ails you, proceeds to pinpoint exactly what is really going on, and fixes it. You have to have trust when you are going to see Adi. If you are not willing to do that, this might not be the place for you. I have never seen him be wrong when it comes to me or my body and I always feel a massive difference when he is finished. Also, if he tells you to take Calcium Magnesium, you probably should. Bottom line...the results are amazing.


- Eric

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