Adi Herman - Therapist


Adi is the founder and owner of ‘Adi Herman Bodyworks’ a thriving and exclusive practice since 1990. His approach to Bodywork begins with a thorough evaluation, hands-on pressure and stretching manipulations, as well as lifestyle coaching, which includes exercise, diet, and supplements.Adi started his practice as a Shiatsu Anma practitioner and continued his studies at Samra University of Oriental Medicine studying Chinese Medicine and Herbology.  It is with his vast clinical experience and years of Pilates lessons that provided Adi with an in-depth understanding of the biomechanics of the human body and the ability to accurately evaluate injuries, both acute and chronic.  In addition to his practice, Adi enjoys teaching to share his knowledge with other bodywork professionals.  He first taught Shiatsu Anma at the Shiatsu Massage School of California in 1993 and continued teaching privately at his clinic in 1995.  Currently, Adi offers a NCBTMB certified Continuing Education curriculum.


When he’s not at the office, he spends time running through the canyons of LA, ocean kayaking, and teaching kayak through a UCLA program.

Suwarin Dangithi - Therapist


In 2002, Suwarin (aka "Yo") began her studies in her native home of Thailand while assisting a local healer.  She received an opportunity to come to the United States in 2003 and obtained a formal education at Sunset College in Los Angeles, California.  After working in several local spas, she completed an apprenticeship with Adi Herman in 2011 to further develop her skills and has been working at the clinic since.  She incorporates her expertise of body mechanics and the application of refined stretching techniques to alleviate pain and discomfort.  The combination of her talent and maturity brings a unique quality to her treatment that result in deep relaxation and prolonged results.  She brings compassion and tradition to her practice that can be felt throughout her treatment. Her approach to bodywork is gentle but firm, while taking into consideration the client’s condition.  Suwarin’s attention to detail is exceptional and unique in her practice.  


Her nurturing personality also shows through her cooking as she spoils her staff with delicious authentic Thai food. 

Karen Hirschorn - Therapist


Karen’s journey into the healing arts started in Israel in 2011 when she attended the “East West School for Classical Chinese Medicine,” studying Acupuncture, Massage, Herbology and Chinese physiotherapy (Tui Na). Tui ("to push") Na ("to lift") uses Chinese principles to treat both acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions, and open body channels to balance and improve the flow of Qi (energy). She also studied Sotai, a Japanese form of movement therapy that utilizes the breath to move pain out of the body and restore structural and neurological balance and health. 

In 2015, Karen moved to L.A. to start her practice and further her studies in more western modalities (Biology, Genetics, EMT certification), developing a unique repertoire of eastern and western medicine.  In her practice today, Karen uses Tui Na, Swedish and deep tissue bodywork, and Cupping.  Karen’s treatments are unique - starting soft, with movement slowly increasing in intensity until she gently slows it down, ending in floating relaxation and balance.  Along the journey she finds and works known and unknown stagnant areas.  Karen uses her experience and intuition to gauge what each client needs on that given day.  Hers is a treatment one must experience.

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